About Us

Some people are wondering what is going on with me.  Well, a lot of change for starters.  I have decided to take a leave of absence from live music and pursue another career that is more financially rewarding in hopes that it will benefit my music career greatly in the future.  I will continue to write and to record and I will be making appearances at different places and doing benefits as much as possible.  Thanks to all who supported my live shows and stay in touch with me and see what happens next.  
-James Crow

 A musician that hopes to spread his talent as far as possible, his sights are set high and his dedication the same.  With his commitment and hard work he hopes to reach as many people as possible and have a great effect on music.  But he is in no hurry.  He is patient and waiting.  James Crow enjoys meeting new people, other artists as well as fans.  He prides himself in being unique.  Not fitting in in any clique but a friend to everyone he meets.  He hopes that his career will transform dramatically into something great! This website
 is just one step to achieving that success and hopes that his family, friends, and FANS will help with the process. Thank you and we hope to see you at any and every upcoming event. Thank you for your support and for sharing this page to everyone you know! 

©James Crow